The bridal fitness challenge: week 4

Mark-Anthony-measu_2131499b For some reason this has been the toughest week to date (apart from the first during which I thought my body was about to collapse in on itself).

After my weekend off, I am aching. Waking up at 6am is getting harder, even though it’s becoming lighter earlier. And crucially, I am still not “addicted” to fitness.

Friends, colleagues and even a former teacher (who got in touch on Facebook after reading this diary), assured me that my newfound gym habit would become one I wouldn’t be able to kick after the six weeks were over.

Well four weeks in, and I am still waiting. In fact, if anything, I am starting to panic about regressing back to my fitness levels a month ago once the body plan is over.

What am I going to do without Ross and Michael – my motivating trainers - spurring me on every morning at Mark Anthony’s sanctuary of a gym?

Should I now try Zumba? Or perhaps dance lessons so the boy wonder and I can perform a cringe-worthy highly choreographed first dance - which our chums would only too gleefully upload onto YouTube?

Trying to silence my panicked thoughts, I carry on with the regime, subjecting my body to a different set of exercises each morning.

Amazingly, the trainers do manage to keep each set fresh and interesting– having now worked out each core part of my body at least three times now in this month of gyming.

Ross delights in telling me how much he has increased the weights by each time we return to an exercise we have done before. Instantly I always reply “No! I can’t do it,” as half of the battle is psychological for me. Tell me its harder, my muscles instantly don’t want to play ball, as brain emits a defeated vibe.

But an ever-smiling Ross, calmly orders me to do another 12 tricep dips, while correcting my erratic breathing.

The weight loss seems to have evened out now. I am still refusing to weigh myself, as I want to measure my progress at the end of the six weeks. Plus the real sign of success is if I have managed to lower my body fat percentage by at least a couple of per cent.

Being an absolute foodie – I am craving butter, salt and red meat. Porridge, sushi, chicken and ‘superfood salads’ are getting a little repetitive now – but I do feel I have managed to reduce my rather large appetite a little.

Only time will tell if I can keep up the good work. Here’s hoping the fitness addiction I have been so faithfully assured of, will finally take a hold of me this week.

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