Mubarak speech offers concessions, but no resignation

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) -- Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, 82, addressed fellow Egyptians as "a father to his sons and daughters" in a speech Thursday. Here are some of his key points.

-- Blood of the victims of recent demonstrations will not go unpunished

-- Those who committed crimes "will be punished severely"

-- Demonstrators' demands "are legitimate"

-- Mubarak reiterated he will not run in the upcoming presidential elections

-- He said he will defend the Constitution "until the transfer of power" to "the one the people would choose as their leader" in a transparent, free election

-- Nation is at a "critical juncture"

-- "National dialogue" has been initiated that includes youth leaders and has reached a near-consensus that will "put our feet on a way out of this crisis"

-- Moving daily on a path toward a peaceful transfer of power "from now until next September"

-- A committee that includes members of the judiciary has suggested six constitutional amendments that would set a term for the presidency and ensure the judiciary would supervise the upcoming presidential election

-- Progress will be made toward abolishing the 30-year-old emergency law "when the situation permits in the country"

-- The demonstrations that have paralyzed the country since January 25 "affect negatively on the economy"

-- A national dialogue must be continued "with the spirit of a team and away from any sense of animosity or any sense of differences" to regain confidence in the economy and security

-- Powers delegated to the vice president "according to the stipulations of the Constitution"

-- "We are not going to take instructions from anybody and nobody is going to take decisions on our behalf."

By the CNN Wire Staff